forklift with tynes on the ground sitting still

Rather than celebrate non-fatal accidents and near-misses, let’s call these warehouse incidents what they are: a dangerous coincidence.

After all, those incidents are nothing to praise in the first place. They are far too close to tragedy and loss of life to be considered a positive experience.

Dangerous industries like construction, warehouses, and transportation tend to focus too much on what didn’t happen in a near-miss circumstance and not enough on what almost did. 

A common culprit for these close calls is the forklift. The forklift is responsible for far more than the occasional near miss.

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2018 there were 8,000 forklift-related injuries. Injuries ranged from fractures, amputations, and muscle tears to cuts, bruises, and pain. BLS reports these accidents are most common in service-providing industries like warehouses, transportation, and utilities. 

Between near-misses and preventable injuries, there are far too many unsafe conditions and too few lessons learned. However, it is never too late to reduce risks and prioritize safety management within your workplace. 

How to Reduce Injuries and Near-Misses

One way to improve occupational safety in dangerous industries is to address potential high-risk hazards. Since it is the culprit for many accidents that result in injury, the forklift is a great place to start. 

Proximity alert detection is a highly effective way to improve forklift safety and reduce future injuries or damages. The most precise proximity alert detection system on the market today is HIT-NOT. 

HIT-NOT is a pedestrian collision avoidance system that alerts both forklift operators and pedestrians of potential hazards. Implementing a warning system like HIT-NOT has the potential to be life-saving. After all, in 2018 alone, 20 forklift-related deaths occurred due to being struck by equipment. 

Because HIT-NOT is capable of reading through walls, racks, and around blind corners, it can detect and alert operators and pedestrians before tragedy strikes. 

What HIT-NOT Does for the Future of Your Warehouse

The implementation of this single safety system will drastically improve the health and safety of your workers. With HIT-NOT, your workplace will celebrate an increased sense of safety and security instead of celebrating near misses and non-fatal accidents. 

The safety professionals at SynTech are ready to help you implement HIT-NOT and identify additional ways to make your place of work safer. Our team won’t stop at providing safety solutions. We will be there every step of the way to assist with integration, training, maintenance, service, and repairs. Contact us today to learn more