Protect Your People and Property with the HIT-NOT Collision Avoidance System

The HIT-NOT Proximity Detection System is the most precise pedestrian proximity detection system available. Designed to prevent forklift accidents, it utilizes magnetic field technology to detect people and objects through walls, racks, and blind corners.

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About Hit-Not

Key HIT-NOT Features

HIT-NOT offers unparalleled protection in warehouses and industrial environments. Its advanced features include clear audible and visual alarms that alert both pedestrians and drivers to “Warning” and “Danger” zones. This real-time warning system is crucial for maintaining safety, especially in areas with limited visibility.
By significantly reducing accident risks, HIT-NOT becomes an indispensable asset for forklift collision avoidance. Ensure safer operations with HIT-NOT, the essential tool for enhancing workplace safety.

What makes HIT-NOT different?

HIT-NOT Compared to RFID

Hit-Not uses magnetic technology, creating a protective magnetic field that can penetrate walls, racks, and other obstructions. This ensures comprehensive detection without blind spots. Workers wear personal alarm devices (PADs) that immediately alert both pedestrians and operators of potential collision threats, providing real-time audible and visible alerts.

RFID systems, on the other hand, rely on radio waves to identify and track objects and individuals through tags and readers. RFID requires a clear line of sight between readers and tags, making it less effective in environments with many obstructions. While RFID can provide alerts, its primary focus is on tracking and identification rather than instant collision prevention.

HIT-NOT Compared to Cameras

HIT-NOT systems detect objects and people through walls and around corners, creating a 360° protective bubble with no blind spots. This customizable system maintains consistent performance regardless of environmental conditions, allowing you to set specific parameters for your facility’s needs.

Camera-based systems rely on visual information processed by image recognition algorithms and require a clear line of sight. They can be affected by lighting conditions, obstructions, and environmental factors like fog or dirt on the lens. While providing detailed visual information and real-time monitoring, they may fail to detect individuals obscured by objects or out of the camera’s view. Additionally, employees often perceive cameras as intrusive, raising privacy concerns.

Why Choose HIT-NOT ?


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How Does HIT-NOT Work?

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The History of the HIT-NOT Pedestrian Alert System

Originally developed for the mining industry, HIT-NOT’s groundbreaking technology was the first safety system to gain MSHA (Mining Safety & Health Administration) approval. Today, it has evolved into a sophisticated forklift collision avoidance system, incorporating proximity detection and a forklift impact sensor to prevent vehicle-to-pedestrian accidents in the workplace.

“Everything is working as expected. The PIT drivers really like the HIT-NOT

system. It gives them peace of mind while performing their duties.”

– Safety Manager

HIT-NOT Annual Service

Ensure your HIT-NOT System’s reliability with SynTech’s annual maintenance plan. Our exclusive service includes comprehensive testing, detailed audits, and expert care. Protect your investment and safety with SynTech’s support.

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