Because Safety Improves Productivity

We protect your people and property with HIT-NOT®.

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Warehouse and industrial accidents happen every day.

The damage can be costly and life-threatening for employees, visitors and bystanders alike.

Syntech protects your people and property with advanced pedestrian detection systems. Because when your employees feel safe, their productivity increases.

Industry Experience

With over 40 years of experience, our team brings a thorough understanding to the safety needs of your industry, Our biggest priority is customer support and we offer personal guidance and detailed project management to every client.

Protecting People & Property

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure they have the forklift collision awareness systems to protect their people and property.

Ongoing Support & Service

Our team doesn’t just stop at product installation. We provide ongoing support and service to ensure your forklift collision warning system continues to run smoothly and your people and property are protected.

Mobile Equipment & Forklift Access Control


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We are the #1 sales and service providers of the
HIT-NOT® proximity detection technology.

The HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert System uses magnets to create fields that can go around corners and through walls and other structures. This can help prevent workplace accidents in places like warehouses and manufacturing environments, protecting your people and property.

Pedestrian Detection
Collision Avoidance
Total Facility Solution

Industry Solutions

Our custom forklift proximity detection systems are designed to keep workers safe and plants running. They have been used to support a global customer base working within increasingly complex environments. And with the goal of protecting people as well as increasing productivity, these products are perfect for any industry.

Helping job sites stay safe and productive.

Syntech has helped hundreds of clients protect their people and property for the last 10+ years. Let us help you stay up and running by bringing our advanced mobile equipment collision awareness systems where it matters most – your facility.

See if Syntech has a solution for you.