Why SynTech?

Enhance Your Facility’s Safety with HIT-NOT® From SynTech

HIT-NOT® is the world’s most precise collision avoidance and pedestrian alert system. You may have heard of it in the shipping/receiving and manufacturing industries.

Originally developed for the mining industry, HIT-NOT can “see” through solid bedrock, helping miners stay safe from hidden dangers. Now, it is the unrivaled collision avoidance systems leader. 

But what exactly is HIT-NOT, and how can it help protect your people, property, and your facility? And what sets SynTech apart from other HIT-NOT dealers?

What is HIT-NOT?

HIT-NOT is a magnetic alert system that prevents accidents between powered vehicles like forklifts and pedestrians.

It also prevents vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-object accidents. A generator creates an adjustable magnetic field that can penetrate obstacles and alert pedestrians and operators when they are too close. A personal alarm device (PAD) worn by people near heavy machinery vibrates or beeps to warn them of a possible collision. This provides both the driver and pedestrian enough time to adjust and avoid life-threatening accidents.

forklift lighting safety with pedestrian in aisle

What are the Benefits of HIT-NOT Over Other Pedestrian Collision Avoidance Systems?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), forklifts killed 70 workers in 2021

Unfortunately, detection systems like radio frequency identification, cameras, light detection, and ultra-wideband can be unreliable in some environments. They have limited range and spotty accuracy. These limitations can result in false alarms and missed alerts.

On the other hand, the number one benefit of the HIT-NOT proximity alert system is that it saves lives due to its superior collision avoidance method. Its magnetic field technology enables it to sense objects around corners, through walls, and through merchandise with an accurate detection range.

Additional benefits of HIT-NOT include:

  • Penetration: The magnetic field generator can go through objects and materials that block and interfere with the signal of other systems. It even warns through walls, racks, and around corners. Ultra-wideband and RFID signals, for example, can’t penetrate objects and tend to bounce off and around. HIT-NOT alerts are dependable and consistent in any environment.
  • Precision: An adjustable detection range can fit any type of equipment and facility. This allows exact and timely alerts. Camera and RFID-based object detection systems both have limited accuracy. And, the range and accuracy can vary depending on the orientation, position, or distance of the sensors and readers.
  •  Data: HIT-NOT alerts about facility traffic, pedestrians, equipment proximity, and time spent in danger zones. This information improves the safety and efficiency of operations and identifies potential risks. Other systems can give data, but they don’t give exact detection and detailed understanding of movement and behavior at work sites.

Still unconvinced HIT-NOT is the proper solution? Here are three additional benefits:

  • Improved morale among employees
  • Reduction of medical, production, insurance, and equipment repair costs
  • Enhanced reputation as a responsible employer

What makes SynTech the best HIT-NOT dealer?

Syntech creates a custom safety solution for each HIT-NOT customer by analyzing facility  traffic patterns and creating a system best suited for the site. We do not sell pre-built packages like other dealers. 

And, because of our extensive experience, SynTech delivers excellent customer support and training that ensures proper implementation and usage of HIT-NOT – something other dealers can’t provide. 

We are committed to high-level safety and protection. Here are a few ways we make good on that commitment:

  • Access Control: We implement door and gate auto-locking. This keeps pedestrians from entering high-traffic areas if they are not wearing a personal alarm device.
  • Assessment: We analyze your facility and accidents to create a customized safety solution based on specifications and traffic patterns.
  • Installation: Our experts personally install the HIT-NOT system and we also ensure they come with the appropriate PADs. We calibrate, test audible and visual alerts, and make sure the system is functioning.
  • Demonstrations: Want to experience how HIT-NOT works before making a commitment? Visit our demo center and experience the SynTech difference.
  • Support: We take pride in our prompt customer feedback and support requests. Be sure to ask about our HIT-NOT Service Plan.

SynTech is the #1 sales and service provider of HIT-NOT®, the advanced collision avoidance and pedestrian protection system that protects you people and property and makes your workplace safer.

Watch this video to learn more about HIT-NOT and SynTech

Your most valuable assets are your employees. Protect them with a top-notch collision avoidance system. No other system can provide the same level of safety as HIT-NOT. And our clients who properly use and maintain the HIT-NOT system have remained accident-free since its implementation.

SynTech has over 40 years of experience providing training and equipment to work sites.

Let us help you protect your people and property. 

The SynTech Leadership Team

SynTech’s sales and technical team offers over 40 years of experience. Merging unique background skills, from sales and marketing to electrical controls, digital design, and robotics, allows us to create valuable relationships between consumers and safety product manufacturers.

Jimmy Helms

Director - Sales and Marketing

As the head of Sales and Marketing, Jimmy manages all SynTech’s dealer and vendor operations globally along with customer support and business development. With a strong background in project management and team building, he has developed trusted manufacturer and customer relationships in many industries including paper, automotive, steel, and building products.

Bringing more than 30 years of experience to SynTech, Jimmy was most recently the Director of Sales and Marketing at HIT-NOT® Proximity Detection Systems, where he developed a reliable brand and a faithful customer base. He also owned and operated his own businesses in construction and retail.

Tom Scott

Director - Technical Sales and Field Applications

Tom is an electrical engineer with 20 years of experience in electronics, industrial controls, and automation. His focus areas have included Analog and Digital Circuit Design, PCB Design, FPGA and Microcontroller Design and implementation, and Industrial Control System Design, including PLCs and Robotic Integration. 

Prior to SynTech, Tom was Director of Engineering at Arora Technologies, where he lead the company’s technical teams for system control design and process improvement. Prior to that, Tom held positions as a Program Sales Engineer with HIT-NOT® Proximity Detection and a Senior Electrical Design Engineer with Mercury Systems.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering – Control Systems from the University of Toledo and a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering – Digital Electronics from the University of Alabama-Huntsville.