Why SynTech?

Has your business suffered an accident or injury caused by a forklift or other heavy mobile equipment?

Would a collision avoidance system have made a difference?

SynTech provides advanced collision avoidance systems to make your warehouses and industry workplaces safer.

Our HIT-NOT® system can read through walls, containers and racks with magnetic field technology. And we provide both visible and audible alerts to keep your people and property safe.

Warehouses and manufacturing environments can greatly benefit from collision avoidance systems and proximity alerts like HIT-NOT®.

What sets SynTech apart? 

Only HIT-NOT® offers the ability to read through walls, racks and containers and even around corners with our magnetic field technology.

And only Syntech creates a custom safety solution for each HIT-NOT® customer. We do not sell packages. 

SynTech will work to solve your unique safety concerns with the right tailored solution. And, we ensure your HIT-NOT® solution will stay effective with integration, training, maintenance, service, and repairs.

The SynTech Leadership Team

SynTech’s sales and technical team offers over 40 years of experience. Merging unique background skills, from sales and marketing to electrical controls, digital design, and robotics, allows us to create valuable relationships between consumers and safety product manufacturers.

Jimmy Helms

Director - Sales and Marketing

As the head of Sales and Marketing, Jimmy manages all SynTech’s dealer and vendor operations globally along with customer support and business development. With a strong background in project management and team building, he has developed trusted manufacturer and customer relationships in many industries including paper, automotive, steel, and building products.

Bringing more than 30 years of experience to SynTech, Jimmy was most recently the Director of Sales and Marketing at HIT-NOT® Proximity Detection Systems, where he developed a reliable brand and a faithful customer base. He also owned and operated his own businesses in construction and retail.

Tom Scott

Director - Technical Sales and Field Applications

Tom is an electrical engineer with 20 years of experience in electronics, industrial controls, and automation. His focus areas have included Analog and Digital Circuit Design, PCB Design, FPGA and Microcontroller Design and implementation, and Industrial Control System Design, including PLCs and Robotic Integration. 

Prior to SynTech, Tom was Director of Engineering at Arora Technologies, where he lead the company’s technical teams for system control design and process improvement. Prior to that, Tom held positions as a Program Sales Engineer with HIT-NOT® Proximity Detection and a Senior Electrical Design Engineer with Mercury Systems.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering – Control Systems from the University of Toledo and a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering – Digital Electronics from the University of Alabama-Huntsville.