Servicing your HIT-NOT® installation

SynTech is the only HIT-NOT® pedestrian alert installer offering annual preventative maintenance service that provides the essential maintenance your system needs to protect your people and property.

Our service helps ensure the long-term functionality and reliability of the HIT-NOT® Proximity System, so your investment isn’t wasted.

SynTech’s unmatched experience and deep knowledge of the HIT-NOT® system are essential when safety matters. And the detailed reporting we provide after each service call is valuable during safety audits. 

Included in our HIT-NOT® service plan:

HIT-NOT® Annual Service for Preventative Maintenance

If you have had HIT-NOT® for a year or more, contact SynTech Sales for the Annual Service.

Reach out with any questions or if you need technical support and we will be happy to help.

The SynTech service plan adds another layer of verification and reliability to the HIT-NOT® System.

Protect your people and property by contacting us today.