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For warehouse professionals, keeping up-to-date with OSHA requirements regarding forklift safety is vital. 

To operate a forklift, drivers must complete an OSHA-certified course, and employers must reevaluate their drivers every three years to maintain their certification

Training guides allow forklift operators to prepare for their initial certification or refresh their knowledge before their 3-year evaluations.

When searching for training guides online, there are several options available. 

Types of Training Guides

OSHA Resources

The first place to look when seeking information on forklift safety training is directly at the source. OSHA establishes all forklift training requirements. Therefore, the training and reference materials it provides the basis of all other guides. 

OSHA’s powered industrial truck section offers standards for safe operation, various pocket cards, sample daily checklists, a forklift fatality summary, and a few additional resources to workers and companies seeking information. 

Online Forklift Training Courses

Online forklift training courses include in-depth training guides and allow drivers to progress with their official OSHA certification. 

These courses are ideal for workers searching for training guides in the hopes of aiding their certification as they serve double duty. They provide the knowledge and partially fufill OSHA certification requirements. 

They are also often an excellent option for companies looking to bring their forklift certification in-house. 

While these forklift operator training courses may satisfy the formal instruction portion of the certification, all workers must also complete a practical assessment led by a qualified instructor. 

A few training courses that may be useful include the Forklift Training for Lift Truck Operators from National Safety Council, the DIY Forklift Training Program from, and Forklift Training Guide from 

General Reference Material

For workers hoping to refresh their current knowledge, there are several training manuals online that can help. 

Various sources produce these guides, including equipment companies, safety companies, and training books

These materials inform workers and companies about their training options, share basic forklift safety awareness, and aid in compliance. It is important to confirm that they are compiled with the most up-to-date OSHA standards when using these sources. 

Don’t Stop at OSHA’s Requirements

OSHA certification and compliance are the most basic protection workers are guaranteed from their employers. However, there is safety technology that can take this protection to the next level. 

SynTech’s products offer an added layer of protection for workers and employers. 

For instance, HIT-NOT is an advanced proximity detection system that offers the most precise detection on the market today. It alerts both drivers and pedestrians of potential hazards and can read around corners and through walls, racks, and other obstructions.

Another product that aids in the day-to-day assistance and protection of workers is SynTech’s industrial imaging technology. The smart camera sensors provide area surveillance, line guidance, distance monitoring, object recognition, and more. 

SynTech even offers technology that aids in contact tracing or protects a warehouse’s lone workers

If your company is looking to improve its warehouse safety procedures, contact SynTech