stack of flat boxes in a warehouse

While the main reason to improve workplace safety is protecting your employees, it can also significantly impact workplace efficiency.

An efficient warehouse is a profitable warehouse. 

Implementing industry-leading safety technology like HIT-NOT or WheriTrack is an investment. Not only is it a safety investment, but also an investment in future productivity, employee morale, and future earnings. 

The Safety and Efficiency Equation

Less Downtime

When an employee has suffered an injury on the job, they need time to heal. Not only does this leave the company down an employee, but it also leads to additional expenses.

The expenses a company incurs when an employee is injured may include medical coverage, worker’s compensation, or additional training. It could even result in an indirect cost like overtime coverage as other employees work to cover the workload with one less person. 

Another issue that can lead to downtime is illness or health issues. In a warehouse, diseases can quickly spread as various employees work together in an enclosed space. In the case of illness, implementing our Halo bands can simplify contact tracing and social distancing requirements. 

Fewer Production Delays

At any time, a workplace is at risk of facing preventable production delays. These delays can range from managing the fallout from a mobile equipment accident or dealing with a staffing issue due to employees being out of work due to injury or illness.

Other common delays result from confusion within the current system, broken equipment due to a lack of consistent inspections, or unreliable safety measures. 

Business owners can avoid many of these preventable production delays by incorporating effective safety standards. 

Enhanced Employee Morale

A safe workplace is also a better overall environment for employees. This is because reduced accidents and clear procedures make warehouse staff feel safer while doing their job. 

This boost in morale also aids in increasing personal accountability. As employees take pride in their work, efficiency increases even further. 

In turn, engaged employees are more likely to work safely. This means that with the proper safety program, a company can reach a point where employee morale and safety can grow exponentially. 

How SynTech Can Help

At SynTech, we protect your people and property with our state-of-the-art safety equipment. We design our custom-safety solutions with your workplace in mind. Our safety professionals will even continue to manage your safety equipment after the initial installation. 

Contact us so we can take your workplace safety to the next level.