4 forklifts lined up

All too often, companies sacrifice warehouse safety to protect their bottom line. But, in doing that, those companies are taking a significant gamble.

Without safety precautions, there is a risk of causing harm to employees and suffering potential financial losses. 

Safety solutions are investments for a future safe and profitable work environment. While the upfront cost may seem daunting, the future benefits will reduce the business’s bottom lines and protect against legal and insurance expenses. 

One safety solution a company can immediately implement to save money in the long run is daily equipment inspections. These inspections review the equipment’s safety mechanisms, performance, mechanics, and the function of essential pieces such as tires or windshields. 

These daily inspections are imperative to keep workers safe and equipment properly maintained.

Why Daily Equipment Inspections are Non-Negotiable


  1. Increases Productivity

By inspecting equipment every day, businesses can ensure the equipment is always running at peak performance.

For example, an inspection may reveal the equipment is not able to carry its maximum capacity. By catching it then, necessary adjustments can be made. These minor adjustments ensure the work done that day is as efficient as it can be.


  1. Protects Your Investment

Heavy machinery is no small investment for a business. These pieces of machinery are large, complex, and expensive. Daily inspections allow a company to protect that investment by catching issues early on. Often, when something small malfunctions on the machine, it can be an easy and quick fix. However, if the issue continues without being addressed, it could cause more damage, leading to more expensive repairs. 


  1. Keeps Workers Safe

Keeping workers safe is ultimately the top priority, but there is a monetary value to this as well. By having safe and healthy workers, companies can avoid the cost of lost time or restaffing. Implementing and recording these daily inspections also allow the company to protect itself against higher worker compensation premiums, fines, or liability lawsuits. 

While daily inspections are one safety solution that companies can immediately implement, SynTech can provide many more. Our specialized plans will analyze the gaps within your safety plan and provide personalized solutions to keep your company and employees safe.