2 people standing next to a forklift

Forklifts are notoriously one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on a job site or in a warehouse. In fact, they are a leading cause of injury in the warehouse industry. 

Operators and pedestrians alike are in danger when a forklift is not properly used. Some of the more common forklift accidents involve being stuck, crushed, or pinned. Other common accidents include the forklift overturning or a worker falling from a forklift. 

Due to these dangers, there are many safety tips that operators and pedestrians have to keep in mind at all times. With so many warnings running through the mind while simultaneously operating a forklift, just remembering the safety rules turn into its own safety hazard.

That is why SynTech has simplified the forklift safety tips into four, easy to remember tips. 

4 Safety Tips to Prevent Forklift Injuries

Get Training

Every person who operates a forklift should first be sure to complete an OSHA-certified training session. Employers should also supplement this certification with regular training sessions and evaluations. 

A key element of this training should require the recognition of different forklift types and classifications. This is because different types of forklifts can vary significantly in operation based on their classifications. Proper training such as this can help forklift operators to be prepared on any machine. 

Don’t Overdo It

Forklifts are powerful machines, but no operator should push them to their limits. An obvious limit is the speed limit within the warehouse. Traveling at top speeds or taking turns too quickly can present an immediate danger to the operator and pedestrians. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the stability and balance of the forklift. Workers should never attempt to carry more than the forklift’s capacity or carry additional workers. 

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

While some operators may feel they know the warehouse backward and forward, paying close attention to the surroundings while operating a forklift is incredibly important. Operators should make a point to avoid hazardous areas and keep an eye on the stability of the forklift’s load. 

Additionally, operators should always maintain visibility and a safe distance from potential hazards such as other heavy machinery, shelving, or even pedestrians. 

Something to help with this is the HIT-NOT proximity alert system. The system is able to alert pedestrians and operators to potential collisions. HIT-NOT can read through walls, racks, cargo containers, around corners, and other blind spots.  It significantly reduces the chance of accidents. 

Take Precautions

While most of the things on the list can be considered a precaution, this item is specifically for small things that can make a significant impact. For instance, always wear proper clothing and complete a daily equipment inspection. Another important precaution is to impose and maintain floor markings for clear warning signs. 

Implementing a system like the HIT-NOT system or contacting a safety expert like those at SynTech is another major precaution businesses are able to take. 

SynTech crafts customized safety solutions that will keep your employees safe. Forklift safety is just one of the many safety concerns we have for today’s warehouse industry. For more information on our HIT-NOT system or other safety solutions, contact us today.