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During the holidays, many warehouses bring in seasonal labor. All of these new temporary employees need to be kept safe.

Seasonal workers may not be familiar with your safety procedures, systems like HIT-NOT, or contact/proximity tracing. They also may be working in a new (to them) environment.

It’s essential to take extra steps to keep holiday and seasonal warehouse workers safe.

Safety Training

First, ensure that all new employees are familiar with the safety procedures for the warehouse. This includes forklift safety. Forklifts ARE dangerous if misused.

Temporary workers should undergo the same training procedures and certifications as year-round workers.

OSHA has a dedicated website for Holiday Workplace Safety. You can even download a pocket-friendly Quick Card for safe forklift operation.

No one should go home for the holidays with an on-the-job injury caused by a forklift or other warehouse equipment.

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Next, make sure the warehouse environment is safe for all employees. Take this time to make sure all warning signs are posted and easy to read. Check floor markings and industrial equipment. Ensure adequate PPE and that all safety procedures are easy to understand.

Environmental awareness also extends to warning lights, warning sounds, and gated or restricted areas that temp employees should be aware of and trained to notice.

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Healthy Workers

Finally, bringing in more workers during the winter months increases sickness and injury. COVID is still a significant health concern, and maintaining proper procedures can save lost wages and production time.

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Keeping all temporary employees safe during the holiday season can seem daunting, but remembering a few simple steps can keep holiday and seasonal warehouse workers safe.

Happy Holidays!

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