toy forklift carrying poker chips

Take a chance.

Place a bet.


Those are fun things to think about if you take a trip to Las Vegas! But they have a far different meaning when you are talking about safety.

Safety should never be something to gamble on.

Employee safety should always be the top priority, and you should never take any chances when it comes to employee well-being.

This is especially true for mobile equipment such as forklifts. These machines can be hazardous if they are not operated properly, and the consequences of a mistake can be catastrophic.

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That’s why it’s so important to make sure your employees are adequately trained in how to use equipment safely. To know the dangers involved and how to avoid them.

It’s time to bet on a forklift safety system.

When it comes to forklift safety and their proximity to pedestrians, you can’t beat HIT-NOT. The HIT-NOT Proximity Detection System is the most precise pedestrian proximity detection system on the market today. It does not require line-of-site so that it can see through walls and around corners. Warnings are visual and audible and warn the forklift operator and the pedestrian.

Another protective layer comes with the use of an imaging system. Smart Camera Systems provide area surveillance, line guidance, distance monitoring, object recognition, and more.

Protect even the lone worker who is out on their own by keeping them safely tracked. A system such as WheriTrack provides GPS tracking, a panic button, fall detection, and more.

There is no room for chance when it comes to your employees’ safety.

Make sure they are properly trained and equipped and practice safety at all times. Follow these tips, and you can create a WIN for everyone!