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Building on Our HIT-NOT® Legacy

From the leading providers of the HIT-NOT® forklift collision avoidance system, we bring you an expanded suite of safety solutions. Our new product partnerships with Modjoul and Vine are designed to further protect your team and assets, continuing our commitment to setting workplace safety standards.

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V!NE Event Notification System: Advanced Communication Solution

Improve urgent communications with the V!NE Event Notification System, a patented alert solution that’s both efficient and flexible. Using standard Ethernet and POE switching, it delivers custom alerts and quick messages to key staff, which is ideal for noisy or fast-paced settings.

  • Emergency notifications, including weather and active shooter.
  • Affordable, easy, and scalable network communication.
  • Instant, critical, customizable alerts.
  • Suits loud or stressful areas.
  • Two reliable and timely notifications: texts to appropriate personnel & light notifications for indoor, outdoor, and loud environments.
  • ADA compliance ensures accessibility for everyone.

Modjoul SmartBelt: Revolutionizing Workplace Safety

Transform workplace safety with the Modjoul SmartBelt, a wearable technology designed to prevent Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) through haptic feedback. This innovative belt monitors employee movements, location, environment, and conditions, aiming to minimize workplace injury risks, ensuring workers remain safe and healthy. 

  • Analyzes movements to prevent and track MSD injuries.
  • Checks temperature and humidity for comfort.
  • Vibrates to correct unsafe posture immediately.
  • Monitors worker distance for safety.
  • Comfortable for all-day use, enhancing workplace safety.

HIT-NOT®: Ultimate Pedestrian Proximity Detection System

HIT-NOT®, the advanced pedestrian proximity detection system aimed at improving forklift safety, ensures effective collision prevention by alerting users to obstacles even when they’re not directly visible, establishing it as a crucial tool for forklift collision avoidance.

  • Key for forklifts, it detects pedestrians without direct line of sight.
  • Dual-alert system with visual and audible alerts.
  • Integrates with any forklift or heavy equipment.
  • Increases workplace safety and may reduce insurance premiums.
  • Dependable detection that works in any environment or weather.

Here’s why Safety Managers trust Syntech


Collective expertise in pedestrian detection.


Safety increased in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.


HIT-NOT systems successfully installed.

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