forklift behind a big stack of boxes

Forklifts are pretty standard in a lot of workplaces today. They are handy and versatile machines! Forklifts can, however, become dangerous and even deadly for both operators and bystanders when misused.

Several safety features are essential for a forklift’s proper and safe operation.

Let’s talk about the top 4 standard forklift safety features, in no particular order.


A safety cage encircles the operator’s seat to keep them safe while moving and carrying heavy loads.Overhead guards keep operators safe from falling objects. Helmets or hard hats and other safety PPE add an extra layer of protection.


Forklifts have several different braking systems, depending on the model of forklift. Working and well-maintained brakes are essential. Disabling switches that stop the forklift when the operator is incapacitated should also be in working order.


A forklift’s horn should be used manually by the operator to alert other mobile machines or pedestrians to stay out of the way or be extra cautious. This is an essential tool to communicate with others when the forklift is in motion.


Lights on a forklift are used to communicate when the forklift is in motion. Besides the brake lights, a forklift must have safety lights, forward lights, and flashing caution signals.

Despite these safety features built into almost every forklift, these machines are still responsible for a significant number of on-the-job injuries and even death. OSHA reports about 100 employees deaths and 95,000 injured every year while operating
forklifts in all industries.

So what IS the most important safety feature on a forklift?

It’s the piece of mind you have when there is a proximity alert system on board, like HIT-NOT.

HIT-NOT will warn both pedestrians and the forklift operator when they are too close! HIT-NOT knows that you are there, it can read and warn through walls, racks, and other blind corner obstructions. The brightest forklift lights or braking system can’t see an oncoming pedestrian around the corner or walking behind.

Let the sales team at SynTech help you add that critical extra layer of safety to your forklift fleet. It’s the essential safety feature that should be on every forklift.