Warehouse with Forklifts

The HIT-NOT® Proximity Detection System is the most precise pedestrian proximity detection system on the market today.

It is easy to make a case for forklift safety. 70% of all forklift accidents are preventable, and 80% of forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. To keep your workers safe, you need a proximity warning system in place.

HIT-NOT® Proximity Alert System is the best detection system on the market today. Unlike other detection options, HIT-NOT® does not have to see you to know you are there. It reads and warns through walls, racks, and other blind corner obstructions.

Standard proximity safety systems will alert forklift drivers when there is an obstruction in the path. The HIT-NOT® system also alerts pedestrians. It detects a person even if they are bending over, walking, or lying on the ground.

The HIT-NOT® system is the best detection system to keep your workers safe. It protects both your employees maneuvering the forklifts or heavy machinery and those working in the same vicinity.

Follow the link below to see a complete comparison of the HIT-NOT® Proximity Detection System and other market options.

Comparision chart of proximity safety system features where Hit-Not offers more safety benefits than RFID alert systems and Camera detection systems