Paper Mill Industry Safety

The pulp and paper mill industry is known for its hazardous work conditions. Because we still rely on paper in so many products, it remains an essential industry. Look at this list of reported injuries and deaths from OSHA, and you will get an idea of the dangerous on-the-job hazards. There are so many moving parts to paper manufacturing that safety should always be front and center. 

Fatality Rate

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 10 fatalities in the paper industry in 2020. Of those, 8 were from contact with an object and/or equipment.

How Injuries Happen in a Paper Mill

  • Pinned or crushed by mill machinery 
  • Struck by mobile machine
  • Fire from flammable liquids and fumes
  • Chemical burns
  • Improper PPE

Why SynTech for Safety?

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HIT-NOT System

Don't celebrate a "near miss" event. The HIT-NOT proximity alert system provides an advanced pedestrian collision avoidance system for the pul and paper industry.