Canning Industry Safety

When the canning industry is filled with heavy machinery and dangerous chemicals, warehouse safety should be a top priority in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

Higher Injury Rate

Already in 2021, OSHA has fined a company for a forklift accident that seriously injured an employee.

“Employers are responsible for ensuring forklift drivers are re-trained after being involved in an accident or near miss,” said OSHA Area Director Robert Bonack in Appleton, Wisconsin.

How Injuries Happen in the Canning Industry

  • Injured by machinery
  • Slip and fall
  • Chemical exposure
  • Neglecting or modifying PPE

Why SynTech for Safety?

SynTech are your HIT-NOT specialists. We specialize in collision avoidance for both pedestrians and mobile equipment, forklift safety, GPS tracking, and more.

What else sets SynTech apart from the competition? We can provide a yearly service plan to keep your new safety system 100% operational and reliable.

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HIT-NOT System

Don't celebrate a "near miss" event. The HIT-NOT proximity alert system provides an advanced pedestrian collision avoidance system for the canning industry.