two warehouse workers smiling with arms crossed

Manage Your Physical and Mental Health this New Year

The new year is a time for new beginnings and reflection. Many individuals ring in a new year with resolutions and goals they hope will change their life for the better. Physical and mental health improvements nearly always make these lists. However, most of those resolutions focus on making changes at home.

The average person spends around 25% of their life at work. If someone’s resolutions focus exclusively on their home life they are missing out on a lot of growth and opportunity!

To remedy this oversight, here are three key ways warehouse workers can prioritize mental and physical health while on the job.

1. Get Enough Sleep

It is a cliché for a reason! Sleep is vital for performing work to the best of your ability and maintaining stress levels.

Fatigue can cause forgetfulness, increased accident rates, and a myriad of health issues. Getting between 6-8 hours of sleep a night can decrease accidents and injuries and improve the mental health of warehouse workers.

Sleep greatly contributes to overall health and wellness, so it is fundamental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at work.

2. Take Breaks

Warehouse work can fluctuate between monotonous and repetitive to detailed and precise on a daily basis. Both types of work places strain on the mind and body.

Be sure to take allotted lunch and other break times throughout the day. Use break times to get fresh air and sunlight, and try to work in a screen-free break once a week.

Even taking a quick five-minute break during the workday can greatly improve mental health. Spend time with a focus on taking deep breaths.

Regular breaks can improve productivity, focus, and accuracy.

3. Stay Positive

Maintaining a positive outlook throughout the workday can make a huge impact on mental well-being.

It can be easy to harp on the negative or get caught in a pattern of complaining with a coworker. However, these habits can actually make work more difficult.

A negative work environment contributes to high turnover rates and general unhappiness in the warehouse.

Focus on having a positive outlook throughout the day to improve everyone’s work environment.

Why does it matter?

Beyond the obvious benefits of being happier and less stressed, these tips can vastly improve productivity and physical health. Even more important, they can help reduce the likeliness of accidents involving mobile equipment and pedestrians.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, OSHA, high-stress levels can increase the chance of developing a serious health issue. Work-related stress also poses a greater risk of injury.

Prioritizing mental and physical health is essential for the safety and wellbeing of warehouse employees. At SynTech we customize mobile equipment to pedestrian safety solutions to make your warehouse safer. That’s a great way to start the new year.