forklift caution sign to warn pedestrians

Warehouse safety is a high priority for business owners and operators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a worker died every 111 minutes from a work-related injury in 2020. Of those, 30% were transportation-related.

Many of these fatalities could have been prevented by installing a proximity alert system, such as HIT-NOT. These alert systems emit an audible alarm and create a visual warning when the forklift gets too close to an object. These warnings prevent collisions and striking pedestrians.

So why aren’t more warehouses using them?

If you’re responsible for overseeing safety in a warehouse, you must know about the benefits of proximity alert systems.

Read on to learn more about how these devices can help.

What is a Proximity Alert System and How Does it Work?

Frequency magnetic fields are the core technology that enables a proximity alert system to protect and detect in any warehouse. Each component of HIT-NOT can detect the presence of another device and communicate the appropriate message or alert. 

The two most prominent components of the HIT-NOT Proximity Alert System are the Magnetic Field Generator (MFG) and the Pedestrian Alarm Device (PAD). MFG gets installed on each forklift, and the PADs are required for all pedestrians to wear. 

The HIT-NOT devices produce an audible, visual alert to warn operators and pedestrians of oncoming danger. The PAD warns pedestrians, and the MFG warns forklift operators.

Most proximity alert sensors will produce a binary (on/off) signal when sensors are within proximity of an object. This signal will indicate proximity alert sensors’ readings in real-time or on a predetermined schedule (such as every five seconds).

Why Are Proximity Switches Important for Forklift Safety?

The proximity alert sensor is a significant part of forklift safety. Proximity alert sensors track the proximity and positioning of the forklift for the operator. Proximity switches are essential because they keep forklifts from hitting people or objects that would cause them harm. They help make a safer environment by keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

If you’re interested in preventing avoidable accidents within your workplace, consider implementing the HIT-NOT system. Contact the safety professionals at SynTech to learn more.